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All Ignorance

The Chinese invented Gun Power, printing, the umbrella, the wheel barrow and fireworks; the precursor to the rocket.  They did all this in the 2nd Century BC.   It took millennia for all this to manifest itself as Space Travel. In the … Continue reading

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“Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red”

On November 11th I was travelling on the Great Western Railway to London. Everywhere on Plymouth station there were notices advising that it being “Armistice Day”, there will be a national 2-minute silence to be observed for the fallen in … Continue reading

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Unfinished Business

. It may be me. Perhaps I am getting older and the policemen younger, but wars seem to be lasting a lot longer these days. A century ago this month, the armies of many nations across Europe marched off to … Continue reading

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End of an Era

Of course, it was on the cards.  He was a very, very old man who had spent the best years of his life in political prison.   I remember that bright and hopeful day in February, 1990 when Mandela walked out … Continue reading

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The Moon’s a Balloon

Now I love a good conspiracy theory. We’ve heard them all, from George Washington and his “all seeing eye and Pyramid on the US Dollar – proof he was a member of the secret “Illuminate” sect, Area 51 and flying … Continue reading

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Give a dog a bad name.

It’s often a problem trying to decide where to meet friends in a busy city. Spend any time in Tokyo, and you will soon notice that people are forever meeting other people, mostly at one of the 640 railway stations … Continue reading

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Henry V in the Garden of Eden – repost

Six hundred and One years ago today, October 25th 1415 the English King and his army beat the French at the Battle of Agincourt.  As we hover on the brink of triggering Article 50 of the Treaty of Rome, that … Continue reading

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English Heritage and the Cuban Missile Crisis

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” Albert Einstein. It’s such a mournful sound; the Banshee wail that rolls across the valley from the … Continue reading

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An Orphan of Manchuria

When the sensei declared the school day over, the children ran out into the hot August afternoon. Nine year old Masao Nakajima did what he always did. He ran across the small town to the edge of the airbase, where … Continue reading

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