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Newton In The Driving Seat

Ask anyone why the Dinosaurs died out, and they will tell you it was because of an Asteroid hitting the Earth. About 65 million years ago a 10 mile-wide Asteroid cashed into the Yucatan, Mexico with the force of 100 … Continue reading

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Wandering is a part of the American Spirit

As you go about your day on Miami South Beach, you could be forgiven for thinking that everyone comes to Miami, but nobody is actually from Miami. Of course, that is how the City and the Beaches began.  South Florida, … Continue reading

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Harvey is back on the Moon!

So we are back on the moon again. I say we as in the Human Race, but in fact it’s the Chinese who have landed the first craft to touch down on the lunar surface for 40 years. This mission, … Continue reading

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The King’s time to Mumbai

They call it Brunel’s Billiard table. They do so, because across the entire 110 miles of the Great Western Railway line running between London and Bristol, there is a drop in gradient of only one foot – making it so … Continue reading

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The Moon’s a Balloon

Now I love a good conspiracy theory. We’ve heard them all, from George Washington and his “all seeing eye and Pyramid on the US Dollar – proof he was a member of the secret “Illuminate” sect, Area 51 and flying … Continue reading

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The first to be taken ill was a woman in her forties.  She had just arrived into the station on her usual train and was walking along the platform when she was overcome and fainted.   People stopped to help, and … Continue reading

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