The Moon’s a Balloon

Now I love a good conspiracy theory. We’ve heard them all, from George Washington and his “all seeing eye and Pyramid on the tapestra11_01US Dollar – proof he was a member of the secret “Illuminate” sect, Area 51 and flying saucers, the killing of JFK through to the newly resurrected Lady Diana “assassination” by the SAS.

My particular favourite is the Sky trails from commercial aircraft. Those contrails in the upper atmosphere are not ice crystals created by the exhaust from turbojets but a government sponsored chemical spray that is keeping the whole population docile. Go look it up. It’s very entertaining.


Is this where “man flu” comes from?

I like the deranged character in the “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” who claimed that everything we have been told is untrue – but he was later found to be lying.

The one conspiracy that always rankles with me is did we go to the Moon. Of course we went to the Moon. There are thousands of websites with tedious commentators who pick over every minute detail of the missions to prove it was all done in a TV studio in Burbank.

It was therefore quite refreshing when I came across this little film (see below) which debunks the debunkers. It is a plausible argument delivered in a very amusing way and I thought I would share it with you.

Look out for the Herring!


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10 Responses to The Moon’s a Balloon

  1. john zande says:

    I kid you not, this conspiracy came to me in the form of a letter we were asked to translate for presentation in a court case in the US regarding a member of a Brazilian/US cult (whose name now alludes me). The letter was written by the member (a US woman) to the cult leaders and it was about the most hilarious 2 pages I’ve ever read. She informs the reader how thankful she is that he has opened her eyes, and then detailed some of the major parts of the conspiracy. It went something like this: The US government keeps a bunch of aliens under the Arizonan desert floor. These aliens only eat babies. To get the babies the government has set up a front, a witches coven, who steal newborns from area hospitals.

  2. Bill Hayes says:

    That kind of work is not easy to come by. It must have been very enjoyable. I quite like the quote from G.K.Chesterton “when a man stops believing in God, he dosen’t start believing in nothing, he starts believing in anything”

  3. epaperpkjobs says:

    Reblogged this on epaperpkjobs.

  4. Oh, man, contrail chemicals! I’d get upset about that, but I’m feeling kinda docile at the moment. Maybe later…

  5. Thank you for the post Bill. A great conspiracy debunking book is ‘Voodoo Histories: The Role of the Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History’ by David Aaronovitch:

    • Bill Hayes says:

      I don’t know this book, but the authour is a regular speaker on BBC radio. I must try and get this book, sounds facinating.

      Thanks for dropping by, always good to see you.

  6. Roberta Ayles says:

    Thanks for this Bill! He seems to know what he’s talking about!

    Hope all’s well with you. Hope Alice’s project went well. Would she still like photos of the finished bowl? Took photos but can’t remember now which was that one- pink/green? Or red/orange?

    Stella starting 6th form today, Ben off to Brunel at the weekend. Insists on taking his car up- think he may find it a millstone but he’s gotta try it for himself.

    Did I tell you about glass for Plym cycle trail? Chunky glass project, new technique for me- should be installing them quite soon.

    Do enjoy your matterings- I must try again to leave comments, didn’t work last time.

    Love to you all, Berta xx

    Roberta Ayles

  7. John says:

    Reblogged this on AMERICAN LIBERAL TIMES and commented:
    Bill Hayes shares this interesting tid bit about debunking the debunkers and I think it is so cool so I am sharing it! (John at American Liberal Times.)

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